About Aviation Fuel Products

We sell world leading ground fueling equipment for both commercial and military aircrafts. We have built a solid reputation for supplying innovation, quality and dependability, featuring a large and comprehensive line of ground fueling products.​

Where It Began

In the early 1990’s, after nearly 40 years of being employed at the same company, Gene Boaz found himself unemployed as the enterprise he had spent the better part of his adult life working for abruptly closed its doors and went out of business. Not yet ready to retire, but in his early 60’s, Gene wasn’t sure what he was going to do.

Having spent nearly 20 years selling products from Carter Ground Fueling and Gammon Technical Products to the fueling contractor at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Gene had built strong relationships and was trusted as someone with integrity by both the manufacturers and the fueling contractor.   In fact, his relationships were so good that both manufacturers had told Gene wherever he went to work, he could take their product line with him.

Gene explored different job opportunities but did not find anything with which he felt comfortable.  So, after much arm twisting by both Carter and Gammon, Gene decided to go into business for himself and Aviation Fuel Products was born!

Early on, the plan was to sell Carter and Gammon products to the St. Louis Airport for a few years and then retire and enjoy traveling with his wife. However, as the business grew, and Gene became known as the trusted, local expert on ground fueling equipment, the demands on Genes time grew too.   He loved what he was doing, and the thought of retirement continued to be put off.

Over time, the business became successful enough that Gene was able to hire one of his sons which allowed him to do a little of the traveling he wanted to do with his wife and still have his business when he returned home.  Eventually, that son would leave the business, but another son soon joined it.   That son, Don, is with the business still today carrying on what Gene started.

Where It's Going


Gene never let on, and very few people knew, but after battling a couple of different cancers for several years, Gene passed away in December of 2011. He worked right up to the very end and loved every minute of it!

Today, Aviation Fuel Products stands as a legacy to Gene Boaz and continues to offer the same integrity in business and devotion to its clients that Gene started with in the beginning.

We’re on a mission to consistently supply aviation ground fueling equipment  to support your fueling teams in consistent uptime. Our products, knowledge, and service make it easier for your ground fuelers to get the right products, when they need them, nationwide.

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