Facet Filtration Group

Facet’s advanced filtration solutions have been specifically designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries including automotive, clinical sciences, consumer goods, medical devices, electronics, lighting, engineering, food and beverage, industrial and telecom.

Facet Aviation-CF-Series-250x300

Facet Aviation Filter Cartridges

With decades of experience and industry-leading technology, Facet understands the aviation fuel industry. Their engineers develop aviation fuel filtration solutions that ensure high quality standards while meeting all safety and environmental regulations to make sure jet fuel is contaminant free, clean and dry.

Facet M-Series-Housings-1-122x300

Facet Aviation Filter Housings

For decades, Facet's engineers have researched, designed and developed filter cartridges with increasing expansive ranges of applications. Their cartridge housings meet, or exceed, environmental and cleanliness standards required of all aviation fuels. They offer on-site filter testing labs and services, process and tech support for our extensive applications.

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