Gammon Technical Products has distributors covering every country in the world, most are local small specialty businesses. We believe strongly in local support. Our commitment to quality remains with a dominating presence in Viper additive injection equipment, the MiniMonitor, Aqua-Glo and B/2 field testing and sampling equipment and of course the famous Gammon Gauge.

Gammon GTP-9365-1

Vacuum Breaker

To protect the aircraft from excess vacuum, a vacuum breaker is added to the nozzle. Acting like a reverse of a pressure relief valve, this small device helps to avoid excessive vacuum on the aircraft during defueling. The GTP-9365 vacuum breaker is made with a 3/8” NPT male thread to fit almost any underwing nozzle but can also be added to the piping. 100% made in the USA, aircraft grade aluminum with Viton seal.

Gammon GTP-496-5-1

Recovery Tank Eductor

Recently redesigned for even greater performance, this eductor is designed for recovering clean fuel from an expansion/recovery tank on a refueling vehicle. For optimal performance, the suction line should be 1/2” pipe or tubing at a minimum and the suction line ball valve should be 3/8” full port or 1/2” standard port. 100% made in the USA, aircraft grade aluminum.

3/4 NPT x 1 NPT x 3/8 NPT

Gammon GTP-8769.-1

Venturi - 3" x 3"

3” x 3” venturi, made with either flanged (TTMA) or Victaulic connections. It is the highest performance 3” venturi we know of, specifically tuned for 300gpm.

Gammon GTP-8646-B-1

Venturi - 4" x 3"

4” x 3” Venturi, made with Victaulic connections.

Gammon GTP-9077-2-1

Venturi - 4" x 4"

4” x 4” Venturi, made with Victaulic connections.

Gammon TL-8856-1

Defueling Eductor

The TL-8856 eductor is designed to match or exceed the performance of other eductors on the market and do so with one less gasket and a lower price. Our eductor is rated up to 280 gpm. In addition, it is cast of 356-T6 aluminum, 100% made in the USA. 3” x 3” x 2” IPS

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