Gammon Technical Products has distributors covering every country in the world, most are local small specialty businesses. We believe strongly in local support. Our commitment to quality remains with a dominating presence in Viper additive injection equipment, the MiniMonitor, Aqua-Glo and B/2 field testing and sampling equipment and of course the famous Gammon Gauge.

Gammon GTP-1202-50-1

Deadman Hose

Manufactured to GTP specifications, this hose is superior to any other deadman hose available on the market. It is suitable for all refueling operations.


  • Operating Pressure Rating: 200 psi
  • Burst Pressure Rating: More than 800 psi

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Gammon GTP-2123-1

Dual Sensing Hose (per ft)

Duel Air Fuel Sensing Hose, 3/8" X 3/8" (Per Foot)


  • Available in cut lengths or reels, with or without fittings
  • Operating Pressure 200 psi
  • Burst Pressure over 800 psi


Technical Specs:

  • 3/8″ I.D.
Gammon GTP-2425-1

Brass Ferrule (23/32")

For hoses with O.D. of 23/32" such as sensing hose GTP-2123.

Gammon GTP-2424-1


For hoses with O.D. of 17/32" such as Deadman hose GTP-1202

Gammon GTP-1203-1-1

Stop Ball

Stop Ball for (GTP-2123) 3/8" Sensing Hose

Technical Specs:

  • 3/8″ Hose
  • Outside diameter 3″
Gammon GTP-8079-1

Hose Assembly

Hose Assembly for GTP-2157-A


  • Hose tester
  • Six feet hose
Gammon GTP-2426-1

Ferrule Crimping Tool

Use on 1/4" I.D. hose and 3/8" I.D. hose.

Gammon GTP-3226-1-1

Hydrant Hose Dollies

Comes in two sizes: 4" hose with 4¾” OD maximum, and 3" hose with 3¾” OD maximum


  • GTP-3226-2 – 3″ Hydrant Hose Dolly
  • GTP-3226-1 – 4″ Hydrant Hose Dolly
Gammon GTP-8076-1

Hand Pump for Hose Tester after 7/90

Hand Pump, Hose Tester After 7/90

Gammon GTP-2157-A-1

Aircraft Refueling Hose Tester

The Gammon Aircraft Refueling Hose Tester is made of non-ferrous materials, designed for periodic testing of jet refueling hose, using jet fuel for pressurizing. The unit consists of a 10 U.S. gallon (38 liter) aluminum tank (GTP-2234) equipped with a vented fill cap, hand pump (GTP-8076), 0-1000 psi 4.5” face pressure gauge (GTP-281-H), quick disconnect (GTP-1004-4MA), and six feet of 1/4” hose (GTP-8079) to connect to the tester.

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